Shan Shui You Cheng Health & Tourism International Resort

 The primary challenge of this situation is how to minimised disruption and maximized utilisation of the natural green environment and existing farming villages to create an International Health & Tourism Resort with product diversity, market differentiation and economic sustainability, and to kick start project phase one with reasonable minimum investment and maximum market exposure. This situation require more than just a masterplan design but a compounded design, environment utilization, culture/social fabric, tourism and economic solution.

The compounded concept solution is a complimentary product mix of 6 components of Tourism, Convention Recreation Hotel, Well Being & Health, Residential & Enterprise Club, Agriculture park and Sports & Recreation to create product diversity, market differentiation, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability within the development strategy. The concept  Masterplan is a jigsaw juxtaposition of the 6 components numerous product types with low carbon sustainable design to create a multi levels matrix of functions relationship, complimentary relationship, added values and crossed fertilization for a tour, holiday and live  eventful destination. The strategic 6 components product mix- the body organs and contour dictated road system – the arteries are the main critical factors in the design of the concept Masterplan.
The main “ Ring “ road around the site is located at the hills mid section to maximize on terrain to create water side and hillside opportunities, shortened length of secondary distribution roads and widen the visual spatial vistas. The 5 existing farming villages and residents were retained to minimise displacement compensation costs and maximized opportunity with re-education of villagers on organic farming to provide organic vegetables for visitors and residents of this Resort. A derelict farming water aquaduct in the village was transformed into a tourist attraction with boat ride and theme restaurant/bar underneath the aquaduct aches.

A cluster of common under value farming villages with added design provisions of numerous theme Inns, LingNan culture and local specialities food street mall, waterside village, aquaduct boat ride and restaurant, lotus/water lily park, marsh land park, fruit orchard and lavender/sunflower flower fields has been transformed into a magical culture/agriculture base tourism destination and shall be the catalyst and  kick start phase of  Shan Shui You Cheng Health & Tourism International Resort.
 A Lifestyle Tour, Holiday and Home destination where“ You wish to be here when you have not been, You wish to return after you have been!”

Client: Guangdong Gaoxiehe Investment Development Co. Ltd.
Location: Gaoming ,Foshan,Guangdong,China
Type: Tourism Real Estate(Development Strategy & Concept Masterplan)
Site  area: 4,392,807㎡
Building  area  GFA: 550,000㎡
Plot  Ratio:0.12
Design  Principal: NG Lup Chee
Design  Team: Tan Long, Shi Jianyun, Kang Pengfei, Wu Longhui,Wang Lei,Zhou Yi