Jiayu Island

The only green Island in the middle of a serene lake is already Iconic  however Jiayu City wish to go beyond to find an Iconic statement for Jiayu’s tourism and Jiayu’s  ‘soul’ landmark. Jiayu means “ Premium Fish “. The primary challenge in this situation is to go beyond the conventional solution of an observation tower or visitor centre building  towards a scenery “setting” which enhanced and be part of Jiayu culture and scenery.
This scene “setting” is a transformation integration of  “LiyutiaoLongmen” – Jiayu’sculture context and an auspicious ancient Chinese idiom which means “promotion to the top” and the porosity and translucency  of non enclosure with program of Jiayu’s Water culture exhibition centre and a VIP recreation Club, to be Jiayu’s new tourism Star.
The abstract fish element form the basic structure component for the 3 dimensional lattice space frame structure, the lighting element and the spatial window frame to form this porous and translucent non-enclosure scenery “setting”

Client: Hubei Jiazhou Tourism Group
Location: Jiayu,Hubei,China
Type:  Landscape design
Site  area: 9,851㎡
Building  area  GFA: 12,500㎡
Plot  Ratio: 1.27
Design  Principal: NG Lup Chee                          
Design  Team:  Tan Long, Kang Pengfei, Wu Longhui,  Zhang Lan