Beiyuan Resort Hotel & Apartment

To maximized user comfort, brand position, land values and investment returns, the situation primarily challenge is to achieve 100% of Hotel main areas – main lobby, F&Bs, Recreation & Guestrooms and 100% of Apartment Units with front line sea views. With the short side of the site of 104m facing the sea front we will require an unconventional innovative design approach to achieve 100% front line sea views!  The site was tested with numerous layout configuration within the parameters and the only optimum solution with 100% front line sea views is a curvilinear “V” shaped block masterplan.
This curvilinear “V” shaped block masterplan is “shaped” by natural micro climate of 100% front line sea views, wind directions and sun paths  to be the soul and catalyst for the whole sustainable design with curvilinear porosity for air flow comfort, vertical wind turbine tower to harnessed wind energy for electricity, vacuum tube solar collector for hot water supply and sun shade to minimised heat gain, epitome Form follows Function and  Function exceeds Form.
The 3 dimensional curvilinear porosity sustainable design echoes an organic structure of a living organism. A living organism has to be sustainable to survive evolution of species and a sustainable  “Machine” has to have the attributes of a living organism to be sustainable.
Organism is a Living sustainable “Machine”, Sustainable “Machine” is a Living organism !

1st Award in International Design Tender and awarded Project Contract


Client:  Beihai Lanwa Investment Co.Ltd                                     
Location: Beihai ,Guangxi ,China                  
Type: Hotel&Apartment (Mastererplan & Architecture Design)                   
Site  area: 13,341㎡                      
Building  area  GFA: 129,482㎡              
Plot  Ratio: 8     
Building  height: 185.4m   
Design  Principal: NG Lup Chee
Design  Team: Tan Long, Zen Jianxin, Jiang Renxian, Shi Jianyun, Zhang Lan, Kang Pengfei