Gu Xiang Lin Convention Tourism & Recreation International Resort

The site 10 minutes drive from Zhongshan City centre is an under utilised  Recreational park ( with a reservoir ).The inherent strategic  factors of location,land size, large water body reservoir, hilly lushed green forest and historical record of existence of a Tang dynasty Gu Xiang Lin Buddhist temple are potentials for Tourism, Convention centre and Recreation park. The progress of Zhongshan  lags behind neighbouring  Shunde, Jiangmen and Foshan in Guangdong province. This development has the critical mass to form one of the forces to spearhead the progress of Zhongshan.
The proposed development model is a Tourism and Recreation driven six Groups matrix of Recreation park, Health & Well being, Ling Nan culture park, International Convention centre, Research Science park centred on the historical heritage of a Tang dynasty Gu Xiang Lin Buddhist temple set within this natural environment of hills, water and lushed green forest.  Each Group has numerous product types(ie.Recreation park- Bamboo forest boutique hotel,Pine forest tea house,Orchard…etc, Health & Well Being- Herb garden, Herb restaurant, Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy centre…etc, Ling Nan culture park-Art & craft street, Ling Nan F&B…etc, International Convention centre- Hotel, Convention hall…etc.)  to compliment the individual group commercial values and compounded commercial values from 6 Groups matrix cross fertilization where  “Sum of the Groups is greater than the Whole”.
Gu Xiang Lin temple the heart of this development is design in Tang dynasty architecture in contrast with the contemporary terraced garden and “ falling water “ forms of the Hotel & Convention centre. The design,  ambience  and function diversities  of the six Groups are integrated and blended as ONE by the spatial natural environment. A low carbon sustainable design approach for the Masterplan and Architecture.

Client: Shenzhen Shengshi Investment Development Co. Ltd.
Location: GuXianglin, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Type: Tourism Real Estate(Development Strategy & Concept Masterplan)
Site area: 11,661,080㎡
Building area GFA: 2,501,932㎡
Plot Ratio: 0.37
Design Principal: NG Lup Chee
Design Team: Jiang Renxian, Bai He, Kang Pengfei, Shi Jianyun, Tan Long, Zen Jianxin