China City Mixuse

The existing 13 storey China City Hotel located in the City Development Zone’s  Business & Financial district  was one of the City’s  premium Hotel in operation since 2000. In tandem with the City progress China City has out grown its present size with acquisition of adjacent land for an urban mixuse development. The situation challenge is the seamless grafting of existing hotel tower into a high density urban intervention  mixuse of 150m composite Hotel/Office tower, Hotel tower, Apartments and Recreation/Entertaiment/Retail Podium.
The high density, tight urban site and complex program necessitates a sustainable design urban oasis solution with commercial optimization of functions and appropriate forms juxtaposition for maximum  green recreation space to provide for progressive multi faceted urban Lifestyle.
The design and phase construction methodology has to graft existing Hotel block into the new Mixuse and allow for present business continuation until the completion of a new phase for relocation.
A 24hrs. destination for Work, Live, Meet, Shop, Relax and Play!

Client: China City Hotel
Location: Zhanjiang,Guangdong,China
Type: Urban Mix Use(Mastererplan & Architecture Design)
Site  area: 33,298㎡
Building  area  GFA:  291,418㎡
Plot  Ratio: 6
Building  height:150m
Design  Principal: NG Lup Chee                          
Design  Team:  Tan Long, Shi Jianyun, Lou Yuhe, Jiang Renxian, Wu Longhui, Zhang Lan, Wang Lei, Kang Pengfei