Mcc Office & Commercial Development

The site is located in an undeveloped  urban area 15mins from Chengdu city centre. The immature commercial urban environment require phasing flexibility in Masterplan and Architecture design to minimized premature development risk and maximized mature development gain. The program consists of Offices and Recreation- F&B and a Gym.
The phasing flexibility requirement, maximum frontage, individual company identity and Chengdu’s colourful recreation lifestyle dictate independent Offices and Recreation groupings integrated by a central park space which allow for independent and integrated program functions.
The Office blocks and Recreation blocks are juxtaposition to form a linked truncated porosity to provide for maximum street frontage, individual main entrance for each block, maximize south facing frontage, outdoor garden space on grade and on roof and a central park space, for a mix use development  with User First, Sustainable Edge and Efficiency Maximised.

Client: CISDI
Location: Chengdu,Sichuan,China
Type:  Office&Commercial(Mastererplan & Architecture Design)
Site  area: 31,854㎡
Building  area  GFA: 188,584㎡
Plot  Ratio: 3.99
Building  height: 100m
Design  Principal: NG Lup Chee                          
Design  Team:  Wang Lei, Wu Longhui, Zhang Lan, Kang Pengfei, Shi Jianyun