Hunan Daily Media Centre

 The Site congested CBD location renders an ‘inward urban oasis porosity’ approach  to create an Urban Oasis Mixuse with conducive resources of Urban space, Landscape, Vistas, Spatial porosity, Circulation porosity and Continuity.
The design is an epitome of Mixuse critical success factors of Spatial porosity, Circulation porosity and Continuity, to maximise business/commercial exposure, efficiency and economic sustainability and to minimised capital and operation costs.
A 3 dimensional integrated Landscape of Lower ground Plaza, Ground Plaza, 1st floor Central Plaza, Retail Atrium, Convention Atrium, Convention garden, Sky garden and Sky balcony spiral up Office Towers and terminated with Roof top gardens to provide for a comfortable and conducive Business/Commercial Urban Oasis environment for a breath of fresh air and Green lung within Changsha’s congested concrete jungle CBD.
A design epitome of USER Friendly, BUSINESS Focus, SUSTAINABLE DESIGN Source     
ICONS are not define by tangible of sheer large scale of Height, Length or Size but intangibles impression of UNFORGETTABLE!
Global UNFORGETTABLE ICONS namely Opera House of Sydney, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Tower Bridge of London, Tianamen of Beijing, Pearl Tower of Shanghai and Diwang of Shenzhen all conjures images of the Culture, Lifestyle and People of the locality.
Hunan Daily ICON which encompass the spirit of Jiang Jia Jie Mountain, traditional Chinese culture of Square is earth, traditional Chinese courtyard house and courtyard Garden, the Chinese Knots and Hunan Zhao dynasty Bronze ware Dragon cloud pattern is UNFORGETTABLE and represent  the Corporate Culture of Hunan Daily Group and the Culture, Lifestyle and People of  Hunan.

Client: Hunan Daily Press Group
Location: Changsha, Hunan, China
Type: Urban Mix Use(Mastererplan & Architecture Design)
Site area: 20,492㎡
Building area  GFA: 226,82㎡
Plot Ratio: 8.4
Building height: 248.8m
Design Principal: NG Lup Chee                          
Design Team: Lou Yuhe ,Kang Pengfei, Shi Jianyun, Wu Longhui, Wang Lei, Yang Jiaqing, Zhang Lan